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"Could you come back" = Kouchibouguac

I love New Brunswick. I didn't realize how much this province has to offer. It has amazing parks and so much to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Unfortunately, for me the names of many of the parks are so hard to pronounce. I asked one of the interpreters at Kouchibouguac how to say "Kouchibouguac"? He asked me "Could you come back?" Yes, I said, "I love it here". "No" he said, "you must say "Could you come back" really quickly and that is very similar to how you pronounce "Kouchibouguac". The kids and I have been practicing ever since.

Canada's National Parks has great programming for kids and adults alike and Kouchibouguac is no exception. Our family attended two Mi'kmaq interpretive programs. We were invited into a Mi'kmaq wigwam, got smudged in and learned all about the native culture, their legends and beliefs. It was really well done and we learned so much. Thank you Marilyn and Cody for sharing so much of yourselves with us.

Another must attend event was the Kelly Beach Sand Castle Invitational. The Cyre family represented well and almost one with our amazing crab fishing boat sand sculpture, complete with a real crab in back. Their were over 30 entries. By the end of the afternoon everyone needed a good swim to rinse off the copious amounts of sand before heading back to the trailer.

Goodbye Kouchibouguac (if you say it really fast you are bound to get it right)!

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