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Inspired by our Journey....

As I Explore this land

As I explore this land,

I realize that it’s a very big span.

With trees, water, mountains and more,

I realize as I hear the timber wolf roar.

Faraway in the distant world of wilderness and wonder,

That I would soon explore, sun or thunder.

But then after I stand here in the city,

I stand here in dismay.

As I look around and see no wilderness in sight.

The Sad Stubby Stump

As I looked at the sad stubby stump,

No larger than a little lump.

I realized how sad he must be.

Not able to grow into a tree.

The Eagle

The eagle is irreplaceable.

For he is natures eyes and ears.

I bet you, he’s had enough.

He’s sitting on a log thinking…

Tut Tut Tut

These humans are not smart at all,

They try and tame the wild breeze,

They don’t realize not to chop down the trees.


Wilderness is wild and free,

You just wait and see.

I want this spirit to last and not shatter like glass,

By the axe as it strikes the tree.

I want this land to stay wild and free.

The Waves Wave to Me

I smile as the waves wave,

As they wander past on the sea.

Curving their white tips at me.

I fill with glee and no other girl could be

As happy as me.

To see the white tip waves wander free,


The Patient Pine Cone

I watch the pine cone,

He waits patiently on the tree,

For something interesting to happen.

He watches as everything passes him by.

Looks at the sky and probably wonders why,

He isn’t a part of it.

Because we tend to ignore him.

The Whale Wanders Wide

I watch the whale as he wanders wide,

High or low tide, here and there, near and far.

Even under the brightest star.

Then I realize how different we are.

But frown at the fact he might one day be extinct.

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