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Lunenburg, Tall Ships and the Great Cyre Sail!

Maximo III and the Cyre Family

Our final stop in Nova Scotia, was Graves Island Provincial Park, near Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. With a well stocked fridge of local cider and craft beer, we anchored Kermit (our trusty trailer) for our last 4 nights in this wonderful province. Lunenburg, a UNESCO site, was the first port of call for this portion of our stay. It is the home of the famous Bluenose, schooners and tall ships of past and present. Lunenburg is made up of majestic, historic and colorful century buildings. This small picturesque town is home to Canadian sailing royalty and one of the most interesting museums on our journey, the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. The schooner, "Theresa E. Connor" and the trawler "Cape Sable" amused kids and parents alike. The museum told the stories of Angus Walters, the Bluenose captain and allowed us all to touch live sea creatures (many were familiar as they had recently appeared on our dinner plates). This museum is a must see and set the stage for ‘The Great Cyre Sail’ the following day.

Janice and Les of Halifax, had reached out to the Cyre family after reading about our journey in the CBC. They sent us an email and offered us a chance to take a ride on their sailboat, The Maximo III, to search for sunken treasure, 100 year old rum, and mermaids. The date was set and the warm summer sun ordered up. The Alberta landlubbers were going sailing!!!! Although we did not plunder or drink riches from the sea, we settled for an incredible day in the Halifax harbor which was showcasing the 2017 Tall Ship Regatta - The Parade of Sails. The day was simply incredible! Sailing within 100 m of the Bluenose 2 and being terrified by the large Spanish Galley with its gun turrets and primed for battle, simply astounded the Cyre family. Wyatt was mesmerized by the tug boat fire fighting ship that drenched us during the hot 30 degC day. Evan and Riley both learned to steer the sailboat with the jib mast deployed under the watchful eye of Captain Les. Meanwhile Mama bear learned the complex and intense technique of sunbathing on the bow with Janice.

After 7 hours on the water, Evan, Riley and Les returned us safely to our home port. This incredible sail was another example of extreme kindness and generosity that we’ve experienced from fellow Canadians.

Our final day in Nova Scotia landed us in Peggy’s Cove for some Peggy’s Cove Parcour action. The town was full of tourist that crowded the little hamlet. The massive shore rocks surrounding the historic lighthouse made for some fun jumping and climbing. However, after visiting a lighthouse in Grand Manan and learning of its history, legends and ship wrecks and getting a personal tour of its turret, in comparison Peggy's Cove was disappointing.

We are very sad to be leaving Nova Scotia behind, it is truly Canada’s Ocean Playground with a rich culture, beautiful landscape and extremely generous and welcoming people.

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