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Fun Times in Fundy

Fundy National Park

Unfortunately, Fundy National Parks construction schedule for both the salt water outdoor pool and the water falls wading pool were planned for July, during our visit. I’m not sure how that happens, but both facilitates would have helped battle the 32 C weather that hit the region while we were there. Luckily, the staffs friendliness and super gross and informative interpretive beach walk made up for our construction frustration. We learned about the European green invasive crab that has taken over the habitat from the local red rock crab, the predator snails that lick their way into smaller snail shells or use their “juices” to relax the upcoming dinner to let them thru their small snail “door”. Totally gross!!!!. Mama bear had quite the fright when she turned over a rock and found an eel wiggling and flapping, it was a scream to remember. Other Bay of Fundy National Park highlights was the natural kids playground (we couldn't tear the kids away) and the Dickson Falls hike.

Alma claims the title as “tidal capital of the world” and is known for the large change in tides from high tide to low tide (upwards of 16 m). The local fishermen have a 2 hour window to launch, otherwise their boats become hung up or they remain at sea until the next high tide. Dad and kids could not wrap their heads around the tidal changes until the Parks guide explained how it was related to the shape of the Bay of Fundy (bath tub effect), the position of the moon, sun and latitude of Alma.

Shelley and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary on July 16th in Alma, New Brunswick. We honored the occasion by making pancakes in the morning and splurging on a lobster dinner in the evening at the Octopus Café. Mom’s wedding Anniversary pancakes were good, but the Café dinner lobster linguine was DDDDD-licious, and the “Mermaid Bait” Squares sealed the deal for dessert. The Café is a must stop for those traveling thru the region.

Another traditional Alma culinary intake was the Sticky buns from Kelly's Bake Shop. The original 100+ year old recipe is still used, but not in the original wood fired oven, which burned the place down a few years back…..the smell of the buns and the taste could be classified as an addictive substance.

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