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Bonjour Montreal!

One of the great things about visiting Montreal was that for the first time in their lives our kids realized that their parents could speak french. They actually think Jeff and I are cool. "I didn't know you could do that Mom", I'm glad my schooling in french immersion finally came in handy.

We left one of Canada's great city's only to touch down in another one, la Belle Montreal. The first stop on our list was Mont Royal. From this small mountain at the north end of Montreal we got a panoramic view of the city. Looking down on the city that awaits we could plan our route and what parts of the city warranted further investigation. Of course every visitor to Montreal has to see the Old Port and la Vieux Montreal. What a treat. It was like going back in time with quaint cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes and Montreal's culinary delight, poutine.

On our second day in Montreal we visited the Montreal Tower for more panoramic views and some history of the 1976 Olympics. We spent some time at the highly rated biodome and the city's planetarium. The kids still giggle when they hear us speak french and they have learned to say "Bonjour" and of course "S'il vous plait" and "Merci". Hopefully this will help them out when it's time to discover Quebec City.

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