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An Extreme Gift of Hospitality, Generosity and Kindness

The true definition of kindness, when you meet a stranger in need and can't stop yourself from helping them.

Louise you are extremely kind. Our lives have been enriched through meeting you and your example has taught our children what it truly means to be Canadian.

When we arrived in Ottawa on Friday June 31st we were planning on camping in a field twenty minutes from the following day's Canada Day festivities in the heart of Ottawa. As soon as the farm came into site, my heart sank. Due to weeks of heavy rain our field was now a mud bath. We were stuck in the muck! With such a tiny trailer their was no way we could manage living in that space for the next few days. As I sat in the truck wet and tired from our previous week in the rain I was on the verge of a muddy, mommy melt down!

On the eve of Canada Day every hotel and campsite within a three hour radius was booked. Realizing our predicament and seeing my distress, Jeff reached out to some Ottawa residents that had showed interest in our journey and offered us words of encouragement or support through our blog. Within the hour our fellow Canadians reached out and offered us a place to stay, dry off and warm up.

Louise was among the first who responded to our plea. She sent us her address and told us we had a place to stay just north of Gatineau. Wow, this tired mom was in for a treat. Louise was wonderful. Her home was gorgeous and right on the Gatineau River. She made us feel right at home insisting we sleep in the extra bedroom, a nice reprieve from the crowded trailer. All three kids and Midas were welcomed with open arms and given full run of the house. Midas was instantly in love and loyally followed Louise around for the rest of our visit.

We enjoyed our time at Louise's house so much we stayed an extra night. It was hard to leave as a connection was made and we all felt so blessed to have been accepted with open arms.

Thank you Louise. You are a shinning example to Jeff and I and our children of what true kindness is all about.

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