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A Chance Encounter with Riley's Best Friend - Priceless!

We could not have planned it better if we tried. The stars aligned and the chance encounter of two best friends, Riley and Reggie will remain a highlight of the trip for sure…

Reggie and Riley were best friends back in Calgary. After meeting in Kindergarten they became inseparable. Two peas in a pod they planned out their future together. They are going to live in our basement and make a living playing Minecraft and invent a machine that will make and serve them pizza on demand 24/7. The perfect future envisioned by two six year olds.

Then the unthinkable happened. Reggie and his family had a wonderful opportunity in Australia and relocated there this past December. Riley was devastated.

While in Toronto I received an email from Reggie’s mom requesting a video chat between the two friends. I explained that we were currently travelling across Canada and that internet service was spotty at best. We would have to call from Nana’s house, our next stop. That’s when we found out that by some great coincidence Reggie’s family was also in Ontario staying at his grandparent’s cabin during Australia’s winter break. What! Their cabin was ten minutes by bike from our Sandbanks campsite and we were going to be there in a few days.

What a surprise, what a reunion. The afternoon was priceless. The pictures say it all…

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