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In no rush to leave at Rushing River PP, Ontario

It is difficult to say this as I have camped all over the West Coast but site 121 at Rushing River Provincial Park in Ontario, is my FAVOURITE campsite of all time. We haven't finished our journey yet but this one is going to be hard to top.

We had a very private campsite that backed onto a beautiful rock that jutted out into the lake. This tiered rock was the perfect fishing dock, meditation perch and place to sit and watch the sunset. Just fifteen steps through the trees and we had a beautiful beach, perfect for castles and swimming :) Huge climbing rocks were always close at hand and doubled as tanks and helicopters for Wyatt. We had planned on hiking and biking and touring the area but after setting up at our site, we never left. We even stayed an extra night as we were in no rush to leave. This park is priceless and comes complete with a beautiful cascading waterfall.

Love, love, love Rushing River.

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