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The Start of the Canadian Shield (A soft Landing)

Lac du Bonnet was a stopping point in our journey that allowed us to stay under a roof that did not roll and had more than 17’ of space in which to move. A mentor from Calgary, after hearing about our challenging adventure from publications in the media, offered a stay in their cabin at Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. The stop came after 17 days on the road, a welcoming, warm reprieve from the winds, ticks and colder temperatures that had accompanied us on our first leg across Canada.

The couple, Terry and Tracy, two established professionals working in Calgary and parents to three incredible children, wanted to help us out in some way. Our hosts filled our bellies with waffles, wine and steaks and sent us on our way to Ontario for our 2nd leg of the journey.

Thank you Terry and Tracy for your incredible hospitality, patience and words of wisdoms. As for the chocolate milk for breakfast and the pieces of chocolate before bed, you are Grand Parents-in-Training (GPTs), so you are allowed to practice before you become full-fledged Grand Parents.

The Cyre Family (reigning Lac du Bonnet Jenga Champions)

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