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A journey of Connections

When asked by reporters what I'm looking forward to most about our epic trip across Canada, my answer has always been "the journey". I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my family. Spending four months together on the road might drive me crazy but I'm hoping it instills a new appreciation for the uniqueness of my three kids and the bonds we share. I'm excited about strengthening the connection with my husband far from the distractions of life. A shared experience and adventure is a great way to bring a family together.

One thing I hadn't considered until today was the connections we would develop with fellow Canadians. I always knew we lived in a great country but the out pouring of support and offers of hospitality have been overwhelming. Thank you Canadians! You have helped put my nerves at rest. I look forward to connecting with this diverse land of ours, experiencing our rich culture and heritage first hand. Most importantly, I look forward to the many great friends we will make along the way. Our kids will quickly learn what sets our Great Nation apart and what it means to be Cyreiously Canadian.

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