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What to do when I'm in the middle of nowhere and bored...

Just want to make sure I'm prepared ahead of time...


  1. Find a lot of sticks and make a tipi and/or hide out

  2. Go exploring and find a secret base and/or a climbing tree

  3. Hunt for Mythical Creatures

  4. Find flowers and use them to make a necklace / headband

  5. Colour with markers / pencils / sidewalk chalk

  6. Read

  7. Bike

  8. Blog to my classroom

  9. Help build or find sticks for the camp fire

  10. Make a pet rock

  11. Find animals / bugs

  12. Play on the slack line or T-bar swing

  13. Try to make an animal home / habitat

  14. Check to see how many miles we’ve driven

  15. Calculate how much money Dad spent on gas

  16. Try and predict the weather and then see if I’m right

  17. Do a puzzle


  1. Can you make a picture using rocks?

  2. Can you make a secret code?

  3. Can you make up your own game and play it ?

  4. Can you make a super hard obstacle course ?

  5. Can you write a story?

  6. Can you sing “O Canada” in sign language?

  7. Try and make a swing [adults can help]

  8. Try and make a animal trap or a hide out

  9. Can you make a perfume using the plants around you?

  10. Can you make up your own instrument and create your own song?

  11. Can you make up your own dance, what would you call it?

  12. Count all the trees around your campsite how many are there?

  13. Can you make a bag using only the things around you?

  14. Can you make a mud soup?

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