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The Gaspésie - "the place where land ends"

Carlton Sur Mer was our first stop in Quebec on our return leg. To break up the 7 hour trip from Kouchibouguac to Forillon, we spent one night in Carlton Sur Mer, a small hamlet along the Gaspe Penninsula. Wyatt was in heaven, our campsite featured a new playground with a huge Pirate ship. He played with the French kids even though they could not understand one another. The driftwood and wood sculptures on the seaside of the campground were beautiful and made it tons of fun to explore while walking along the beach. The kids enjoyed their French tortiere and dad indulged in one last Hommard (Lobster).

Le Park National de Forillon was our last National Park stay and the final stop to add to the National Park tags the kids have been collecting. Forillon has beautiful views of Perce Rock and opportune vantage points for whale watching, a teaser to what was to come in Taddousac. We completed what was to be our final bike ride up to the look-out point and was treated to a Minke whale breach. A sad point at Forillion was that we attended the final ‘Sea Creature Show and Tell’ at the Interpretive Center, as it was set to be re-modeled. Unfortunately, the large aquariums and all the live sea creatures that the kids are able to touch will not be returning…..I was happy to have our kids experience this but saddened for future generations who may only see pictures of these stunning sea creatures. My hats off to Allan G, who’s passion and heavy heart shone thru to all who attended.

Cap Chat (think cat, not chat) was the final point on the Gaspesie for the Cyre family. We were treated to an incredible thunder storm and sunset to send us off. The wind turbines on top of the hills were another indicator of the fierce winds that did not stop blowing during our entire stay. Cold and windblown, we headed off to the whale mecca of Canada, Tadoussac, Quebec.

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