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New Brunswick: Land of the ….. Trees?

Holy cow, there are a lot of trees here in New Brunswick. I can see why the British wanted New Brunswick to supply the navy with raw materials for their fleet. There are trees everywhere! After overloading our brains with the knowledge from the oldest of Canadian cities, Montreal and Quebec City, we needed some downtime. We decided that it was beach and water soak time. Out came the boogie boards, sandals and water guns. It was deserving and appreciated by both kids and parents. Even Midas got some long swims in.

At the beach we ran across two local families who helped us build our bucket list below.

Maritime buck list…..

  1. Kiss a cod

  2. Taste the Dulce on Grand Manan, (YUCK!)

  3. Attend a Lobster boil

  4. Drink a Dave Mathews cocktail

  5. Eat some fresh halibut fish and chips

  6. A sail or float along the maritime coast

  7. Give Marla, Kira and Josie a great big Hug and Kiss in Halifax

We struggled the entire three days to pronounce the name of the provincial park we were camping at. A local Fredericton bartender, with his young daughter Anna, helped us by retelling the following tale.

‘We found two ducks on the beach named Bob and Mac. We could get Bob to quack but could not get Mac to Quack (Mactoquac)’.

Hands down the coolest provincial flag to date!

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