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Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick's best kept secret...

Our wonderful campsite on Grand Manan Island

We heard him before we saw him, a loud exhale above the water. The sound of rushing air filled the cove beneath us. The sound drew our eyes to the right spot and we saw the whale surface, grab a new breath and continue on his journey. WOW!! Our hearts skipped a beat we were all speechless. That was just one instance of the magic that is Grand Manan Island...

The Island is accessible by ferry only. After a 1.5 hour sail and an escort of dolphins we reached our port. Grand Manan is a fishing mecca and for three days we could delight in the scallops, muscles, clams and halibut the island had to offer.

Our campsite, The Hole in the Wall offered private cliff side sites complete with a view of the famous lighthouse. Words and pictures will never do this place justice.

The Grand Manan tourist bureau says it best, "Grand Manan Island is a perfect vacation destination for those seeking a refuge from the crowds and "tourist traps" of many popular destinations". Life on this unspoiled Fundy Island truly captures your imagination and fills the soul.

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