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Kingston - A trip down memory lane

Our stop at Rideau Acres near Kingston, Ontario was lots of fun. I spent four great years in Kingston, 20 years ago, working hard to graduate from Queen’s with an engineering degree. It was fun to take Jeff and the kids around to all my old haunts and to experience the familiar sights and sounds once again. The best part about this return trip was that I could enjoy the city without an underlying anxiety about upcoming homework assignments and exams. I’m so glad that part of my life is over! The limestone buildings lining the streets were beautiful. I was surprised to find I hadn't forgotten the many pathways and shortcuts throughout campus and could quickly navigate my way to Miller Hall, the geological engineering building.

Another highlight for the kids was spending a morning at Fort Henry, the largest fort built west of Quebec City. The kids were fully engaged during the tour and loved watching the drill parade and hearing the 24 pound canon go off. Another Fort Henry highlight was the view from the Fort. Kingston unfolds in front of you as you tour the outer walls.

Goodbye Kingston. Maybe I’ll be back again in 2031 to see my oldest graduate. Let the brain washing begin… “Queen’s college colours we are wearing once again”!!

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