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Poems Along the Road...

My Bothersome Brother

I have a crazy bothersome brother.

I am relieved I don’t have another,

Crazy bothersome brother.

I sit in the car as he yabbers away,

Like he does every other day, of my loud life.

P.S. Just kidding

P.P.S. No I’m not!!


Crack, Snap, Pop!

Fires are hot.

I thought as I listened to that big fire pop.

They burn everything in their path.

I reminded myself as I hesitated to throw a big wood in.

I was amazed as that fire ate the wood,

Like I thought it would.

Then just like that,

I realized that if that fire could over come everything in its path,

I could too…

And from then on I was fearless.


Tree giant softly swaying and calm,

Like the beautiful white swan.

As big as a giant, as brave as a scout,

Thought the girl as she saw that tree look out,

At the world so round, so small,

Although nobody could possibly adventure it all.

I took one last look at the great tree and just like that,

All my fear left me. I knew,

Yes I knew, that the tree would always look over me.

Why that giant tree.

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