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Niagara: Wine, Chickens, Waterfalls and More Wine

Ontario represents a chance for us to spend time with family. Aunt Michelle, my father's only sister, resides in the picturesque Ontario escarpment, which also happens to be one of Canada's major wine growing regions. The area is dotted with vineyards, adding to the excitement of seeing auntie, her family and second cousins that we met for the first time. My family greeted us with hugs, kisses and put us to work feeding chickens, penning goats and gathering eggs, a fun part of visiting their farm. The kids finally had some cousins their own age to play and explore with. Impromptu games of baseball, tag and water gun wars broke out in the hot Ontario sun. During your upcoming July 1st celebrations, be sure to buy Canadian wine. Red, white or sparking, their are many varieties available for the discerning pallet. Many producers have put out commemorative 150 celebratory bottles with artistic labels and special reserve grapes. So raise a flag and a glass of wine this coming July 1st.

I wish we could have stayed longer to visit with my cousins, aunt and uncle but it was time to venture on, closer to Ottawa and the big 150 party. Goodbye goats, chickens, and garlic!!! Thank you for an amazing stay!

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