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In awe over the falls

It was hard to fathom, 750,000 gallons a second of rushing water falling over the falls in front of us. It felt like thunder in our chest. The mist was blinding. You can't fully grasp the awe inspiring nature of this natural wonder until you are there, face to face with the unparalleled energy.

The kids were initially speechless as we approached our first lookout. The silence was quickly followed by shrieks of delight. Niagara Falls is a MUST see for every Canadian. The volume of water that flows over the falls surpasses any other waterfall on earth.

The Cyre family was brave enough to take a ride on Niagara's Horn Blower and float within hundreds of feet of the massive water wall. Wyatt was slightly terrified in the moment but once safely on the dock he said "That was Awesome Mom!".

Pictures don't do this world wonder justice but I tried.

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