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Chores before S'mores!

The tasks associated with Camping for four months are numerous. Without electricity and household appliances, many daily tasks that we take for granted at home, now need to be completed by hand.

Our kids are developing into great campers. They do come from great breeding stock, but their development has primarily come thru volun-telling. From scrubbing dishes, planning meals, cleaning the car, taking out the garbage, walking and feeding Midas, the kids have taken on an active role in carrying out the camping chores. They object, shed tears and stomp their feet but in the end they feel they've contributed to making our trip a success. They've also learned big adventures come with big responsibilities and every family member has an important role to play. Without our kids helping mom and dad out, our hands would be cracking from dryness and our patience would be wearing thin. Thank you Evan, Riley and Wyatt. Little do they know, these helping tasks will shape them into great campers and global citizens.

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