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All Aboard!! The train is leaving the station!

Today was a very special day. Mom and Dad said that I had been so good on this trip that I would get a day totally focused on me. YAY! We began our day visiting Awenda Park, on Georgian Bay. I got to go swimming and play on the beach with Midas and my sisters. Georgian Bay is tons of fun. After our sunny morning at Awenda Park everyone looked super excited. They had a surprise planned for me. My Nana has a very good friend who arranged a train ride on a miniature train. The train was 1/8 the size of a real train, complete with a whistle and a train station. Ambrose, the engineer who designed and built the train over 20 years, took us on an incredible ride. I even got a short lesson on how trains work. "Wow Mom" I said as I went to bed that night, "Today was the PERFECT day".

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