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The Joy of TRYING to catch a fish

As a kid I did not fish a lot with my father but the times we did head out to Wabamun Lake, Thunder Lake or Ucluelet formed incredible memories. I don’t recall how many, or what type of fish we caught. The only memories that remain are just being there with Dad, laughing at the size of fish that got away, freezing in the cold while laying on Styrofoam with a sleeping bag over me and getting wet from the rain or ocean spray. If we caught a fish, it was a bonus. The real treasure was time spent with Dad.

My two girls have always been a part of our fishing adventures since Shelley and I returned to Canada. We have videos of them casting off our front deck at home, with a lure but no hook. They developed exceptional casting techniques, enough to impress the fisherman we come across during our many trips. They can be trusted to cast safely and to not get tangled or hook each other (with the exception of Wasa Lake, 2014).

Some truly great memories on this trip to date have been the time spent with the kids fishing from shore and docks in pursuit of “the big one”. We’ve only netted 8 minnows from Rushing River Provincial Park, a crayfish from Lake Superior and 1 sucker fish from Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. With no fish caught on hook yet, we are 0 for 3, but will continue to cast and bait for the remainder of the trip. One day soon we will celebrate our “big catch”.

I realize now that Fathers don’t actually fish that much when our kids are there, they simply untangle lines, free snagged lures, wipe tears and give hugs of encouragement.

Thanks Dad.

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