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Sleeping Giant... Amazing!

I really liked Sleeping Giant! I thought it was cool that they actually had a legend behind the parks name. The legend explains how a native chief was protecting his silver from the white man and wished them dead. As punishment the native gods put him asleep on top of his silver protecting it forever. It was fascinating to see the silhouette of rocks that looked like a giant off in the distance.

We also hiked on a cool trail called "The Sea Lion". At the end of the trail there was a lion looking out at the sea. Unlike most campsites that we have been too, this one had a great birch climbing tree that kept us occupied for most of our stay. At the end of our trip we want to be able to say that we went into every lake we crossed. With that, we dived in to the cold water. It turned out it wasn’t that bad. We were surprised to find a Washington and Wisconsin licence plate for our licence plate game.

On our way to the showers Mom and I came across a deer. It did not look scared. We stood there for some time and then the deer scrambled off into the bush. On our way back the weirdest thing happened, we had the same moment with just me mom and the deer.

I had an awesome time at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

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