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"Money doesn't grow on trees?!"

In Winnipeg we had the opportunity to go and visit our Royal Canadian Mint. Yes, it's sad but true, money doesn't grow on trees. The Winnipeg location was designed as a "Mountain on the Prairie". The building itself is quite spectacular and is Canada's high tech, high volume manufacturing facility. Not only does it make every single Canadian circulation coin but our mint makes coins for 77 other countries as well. It was very neat to see all the ins and outs of what goes into manufacturing our money. My son Wyatt was excited to see that the mint makes collector's coins and featured a BB-8 Star Wars collection. All three kids got to hold a gold bar valued at over $700,000.00. The new line of coins to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday is spectacular and will be in circulation soon. Our newest 2017 quarter was designed by an eight year old girl from Ontario and we got a sneak peek :) The kids asked all kinds of questions about how the coins get from the mint into their pockets. They learned that they are first distributed to banks all across the country. Have you ever seen a "Canadian Mint" truck on the highway? No? That's because coins leaving the mint travel in non-descript Doritos trucks!!

It was interesting to learn about all of the mistakes that have occurred at the Mint since it's been in operation. You can learn about them here:

Have you ever come across a quarter printed on a five cent piece? They are in circulation and are quite valuable. Keep an eye out....

Thanks Winnipeg, we had tons of fun in your city.

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