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Hello Manitoba...

It was late and raining the night we pulled into Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. We had to cheat and take our picture with the sign the next day. Riding Mountain sits on Clear Lake and is a beautiful part of the province. For avid mountain bikers the park claims over 400 km's of trails. With three kids in tow, we stuck to the five km's that are maintained and next to the lake. We had a great day just riding our bikes and playing outside. This park has a lot to offer; a beach, a pier, trails, a golf course, mini golf, playgrounds, tennis courts and an entire town inside the park. If you don't feel like making coffee or breakfast in the morning you can go out!

While we were at Riding Mountain we experienced our first down pour of rain. Murphy's law dictated that this happen just as we were starting to prepare for dinner. Luckily, just twenty steps from our trailer their was a cooking shelter, complete with a wood stove. The amenities here were awesome. If we are ever in Manitoba again, we'll be back...

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