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Whispers in the wind at Grasslands National Park

Nothing I can say would do justice to Grasslands National Park. Words cannot describe the magic and wonder that inhabits this place…

From the moment we entered the park and saw our first bison herd, listened to the intricate chatter of rare black tail prairie dogs, caught a fleeting glimpse of an antelope fleeing a coyote on the horizon, a sense of awe and wonder enveloped us.

The prairie wilderness was so foreign and there was so much to learn. We read stories about the First Nations and Metis whose lives were intricately woven with the bison herds. We learned how ranchers and homesteaders tried to tame this wild land. We studied the rare black-tailed prairie dog, burrowing owls, bison and pronghorn antelope. We took advantage of Grasslands dark sky preserve designation and woke up at 2 am to fully experience the night sky.

Grasslands National Park is a new Cyre favourite. The wonders it has to share won’t soon be forgotten. As the brochure states this park truly is a “National Treasure!”

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