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BLOWN AWAY at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

As our friends travel West back to the familiarity of Calgary, we set out on our adventure East! Our next stop, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Saskatchewan. We had the entire park to ourselves. It was a little bit eerie as we drove around hundreds of empty campsites trying to find the perfect spot. We opted for a site with full sun as the nightly temperatures dipped to 0 deg C.

The site we chose was perfect for young explorers and adventurers. Jeff and I watched with pride as the kids climbed trees, built tee-pees, forts and made up their own scavenger hunts. It was amazing to watch them entertain themselves for hours at a time, a lost art in our fast paced world of video games and instant gratification.

Unfortunately, my smug euphoric state didn’t last long. Camping isn’t all unicorns and rainbows! We soon realized there was no potable water in the park. A boil ban was in place. Argh!! That means a lot more work for Mom and Dad. The evening wind was so ferocious it blew one of our chairs into the fire. I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t one of the kids that got blown away. The wind was so fierce we decided to leave a day early.

FLEXIBILITY is something I’m going to have to practice a lot more of this trip.

The kids woke up freezing cold on Wednesday morning. I piled them into the car to stay warm and turned on the heat while Jeff packed up the trailer. Who knew turning on the heat would completely drain our battery!!! The car wouldn’t start!! Did I mention there was absolutely no one around for at least 5 km and the closest city with AMA was 3 hours away! A quick call to the general store at the parks outer boundary and a plea from a desperate mom and we had a local on the way to give us a boost.

Canadians helping Canadians, I think this is going to be the underlying theme on this crazy odyssey we’ve undertaken!!

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