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A big ROAR for Dinosaur Provincial Park

Once again I am reminded why Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of our favorite campgrounds. It has a huge WOW factor and is one of Canada’s 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As we pass the parks welcome sign, I feel like I’m travelling back in time millions of years. Everyone vibrates with excitement as our car descends down into the badlands.

The kids are free to roam like the dinosaurs that once lived here before us. Climbing the hoodoos and exploring is clearly their favourite thing to do. Touring the many fossil displays and biking through the badlands is a close second. Any bones found inside the park must stay put. Lucky for us we have a great friend who happens to be an amateur paleontologist. He knows exactly which coolees to explore outside the park boundaries and delights the kids by unearthing ancient treasures. We found fossilized dinosaur poop, dinosaur teeth and many different dinosaur vertebrae and bones. The excitement this adds to our short stay is priceless. We are clearly dinosaur hunters, ROAR!!

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